Dancing Through Life - Part 4

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

At one point during our courtship, Joseph and I went on a date where I met a few of his friends.

Lance G. – An economist. Lance G. had that blend of introvert and extrovert worked out just right. He was a little shy at first, but opened up when he needed to. Lance G. was dating Jon.

John – An English student who was strong and secure with himself. He was outgoing and confident, also cute as a button. John had his entirely life open to him with many choices of what he could do.

Lance K. – An artist. Lance K. must have had a double heaping of the Raisin Brahms when he was a kid. He was musically and visually talented. In fact it was through him that we were all going to this musical chorale concert.

As the five of us watched the choir we couldn’t help but point out the obvious gay boys, bad hair and amusing facial expressions found throughout the vocalists. We enjoyed the music and the company, but after the concert was over John had to go to work. The 4 of us were hungry and so we went out to eat, just Joseph, the Lance’s and I.

Once as we stood in line, twice more at the dinner table, and once more on the ride home I noticed an interesting group dynamic. Joseph and Lance K. would begin talking about music and theatre and art while Lance G. and I would talk about economics, prisoner’s dilemma, and John Nash.

I don’t know where it came from but it felt like I had been surrounded in discussion of musicals and theatre and shows and arts and singing and acting and dancing & now I was introduced to new conversation topics. I was enthralled.

This had been the first real experience of mine on a “double date” where I was talking more with my date’s friends than with my date. It was new and I liked the change of dynamics in discussion.

After we dropped of the Lance G. at his house, I commented to Joseph about how nice it was to see John and Lance G. as a couple and how it was nice to meet Joseph’s other friends. He told me that I had been well received. It made my day.

We drove back to Joseph’s and talked about our future plans. Us as a relationship and the next steps we were taking on our journey. We had a few crazy days ahead of us and those are stories for tomorrow. Because it was shortly after this that my Mother gave us the biggest shock of my life


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