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Many of you who read this blog know my true identity. Some of you have figured it out and asked. Others I have told. But due to recent events I have reveal to all of you the honest truth.

As you know, I have been writing under a pseudonym but what you probably don’t realize is that I operate concurrent blogs. I am the author of both and

Yes the blogger behind both “The Journey of a Gay Mormon Boy” and “The Wandering Delusions of a Gay Mormon Boy” is the same person. What's more is that both of these blogs have been a social experiment. Last June, in an attempt to better my writing and understand the gay community I took up an alter ego, as I did research for my new project. I became a “Gay Mormon Boy” and created a work of pure fiction, testing new characters and ideas with an online audience.

I read many stories of angst and anguish that I hadn’t thought about before this experiment. They helped me craft my story that has hooked many readers. After a few months of writing one blog I knew that I had to have a companion story. Something raw and gritty. In order for people to believe Beloved Boyd I included a disclaimer of honesty so people would disassociate the two blogs.

I decided to include the second blog for several reasons, but mostly because I work well with two heroes in one long tale as is the case with my most famous work and as these the two blogs intersect and become one. I am certain that you are familiar with my other works as I see them discussed across the Moho blogosphere, and hope that as you read this new blog (starting tomorrow at you'll enjoy the adventures of GMB and Boyd, my new Jacob and Edward.


Stephenie Meyer
UPDATE: Yes, this is and was an April Fools Day Joke, but enjoy the brilliant humor that it instills.


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