Dancing Through Life

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

I apologize for the lack of writing these past 2 weeks. My computer was giving me problems and so I took it into the Apple Store to get fixed. Boy! Are those guys busy? It seemed to take forever to get my computer fixed. But my computer is back and so am I.

Back to my story. When we last met, I had just finished watching Prayers for Bobby with my mom. It was a great movie and I learned a lot about my mother’s stance on things. After the movie I talked with Joseph. He wanted me to come over to Scott and Sarah’s with him so we could digest everything. Instead of taking place in Joseph’s arms, it took place over GChat.

Joseph cried when Bobby tried to take the pills to kill himself. I told him how my mother’s greatest fear for me was that I would fall in love, have my heart broken and because of that be driven to suicide. His response was “Boyd, I will NEVER hurt you.” We decided that Prayers for Bobby is one of the greatest gay movies of all time.

I told him the random things my mom did that were completely odd.
1. She asked me if Joseph was “like me” instead of asking if he was gay.
2. She asked who pays for the dates and was wondering who wears the pants in the relationship.

We continued our chat and confessed our love for each other even more. We discussed our boundaries; the swimsuit area (as it is often called) was off limits until Joseph was ready to go there. He had been hurt in the past and wanted to protect himself. I told him that I would wait as long as he needed us too, even if it was until after we were married.

Yep, my mind, in typical Utah Mormon fashion, was already thinking about marriage. As Nicholas told me just the other day, “The Church has a great way to promote families and marriage. It’s a one step program; Absolutely no sex until marriage. Then you are guaranteed to have a plethora of weddings.”

So there I stood completely stricken with love. I had dated Joseph for such a short period of time, but I thought that I wanted to stay with him forever. There is a simple Disney-esque term for this love. It happens to everyone each spring. You see the couple on BYU’s campus coming out like ants marching two by two. It is twitterpation and I was totally twitterpaited.


There are 1 Words of Warning for Dancing Through Life