Dancing Through Life - Part 5

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

After spending almost 14 days straight with Joseph, my mom decided that she had had enough. One day, while sitting in the kitchen tying my shoes, my mother told me that it was about time she met Joseph. I was blown away by this change in her. She had a couple of rules that we had to follow for her sake, but I could bring my boyfriend and soon-to-be fiancé home to meet my mom.

First my mom's rules:
  1. No Touching - She didn't want any visual reminder that we were actually in a relationship. I couldn't hug Joseph, Absolutely no hand-holding.
  2. It would be a small dinner with just the three of us. Walter (my step-dad) would be purposefully excluded.
  3. When my mom said dinner was over and she had had enough we would have to end it, no questions asked.
Three simple rules that we were to follow and, in an effort to be accepted by my family we readily agreed to. Joseph and I had talked about the eventual family visits that would take place and how little interaction we would have so that there wasn't undo discomfort.As the evening drew closer Joseph and I got more nervous. Luckily we were always in communication and so we could assuage each other's fears.

On the night of dinner, I was nervous, wondering what would happen. Was this a trap laid by my mother? Was she going to do something drastic and homophobic? How would Joseph react to my mother - a blend of 1950's class and modern chic style? Was this a plot to break us up? I really didn't know what to think but as Joseph pulled up to our front door dressed conservatively and sharp my worries were calmed.

I opened the door for Joseph and let him into my house, we didn't hug. I brought him into the kitchen to meet my mom. She was warm and inviting and soon thereafter we sat down and enjoyed a few bowls of chili as Joseph told his story. My mom was focused and involved, she didn't pull back into her shell. She was the perfect hostess.

That was when we told her that we were planning on getting married in Boston and that we were going to, like good Mormon boys, wait until we were committed to each other before we took things to the next level. My mom seemed to be okay with that and the conversation moved forward.

After dinner Joseph left and I talked with my mom for a bit getting her reaction and judgment on Joseph. She liked him and was glad that they had met. He provided a different image in her mind as to whom I was dating. Before she knew a name but that was about it, now she knew that she had raised me well enough to go for the good boys and not the bad ones.


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