Dancing Through Life - Part 2

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

Today’s entry is the continuation of the same conversation with Joseph from after watching Prayers for Bobby with my Mom. But rather tan describe it I have recreated it here thanks to GChat. Some of the grammar has been altered, and a chunk was removed, but it gives you a sense of how smitten with each other we both were.

Joseph: I'm so twitterpaited!!!!
Boyd: me too and that does't help my commitment issues
Joseph: What is your fear?
Boyd: Fear provided by the same little voice of repression; that this isn't love but only twitterpation
Joseph: We talked about sex today
Boyd: A lot lol, without having any!
Joseph: See, we are mature The twitter is just a little cute thing
Boyd: I know but it scares me a little that I might be doing the wrong thing but the rest of me feels so complete. So I say Majority wins
Joseph: Why? Everyone feels that way though
Boyd: Yeah I know, but it is new to me
Joseph: Let me take that from you
Boyd: I have given into that doubt and repression for so long that nothing else had room to voice itself and so I now that I have begun to silence it, it is rising up in protest. Maybe it is just indigestion?
Joseph: I think so!
Boyd: Lets hope so and that it will wear off with a few nights rest
Joseph: Boyd, I'm willing to help you through this
Boyd: I know you are my pride hates me accepting help though
Joseph: I know, but I want you to know, you're worth it. You're my life, My all
Boyd: I am not perfect, but your right I might be worth it. You on the other hand are wonderfully perfect
Joseph: Might? You are!! Man I'm so into you!!
Boyd: I am so in love with you!
Joseph: Me too!! Man, I want to move in together one day!!!!! I wanna wake up next to you
Boyd: I want to marry you!
Joseph: heart skip a beat
Boyd: and not look at another person but you
Joseph: I don't look at guys anymore. Just you
Boyd: wake up in the middle of the night and find you right beside me
Joseph: And kiss ya
Boyd: I am starting to see guys like I see girls, attractive in their own right, but not really attractive to me.
Joseph: I'm feeling that way I just want to be with you
Boyd: Me too! If this were not the woman who birthed me I would be driving to meet you right now
Joseph: Oh, please just come!! LOL But If its not ok, Then ok
Boyd: I feel it would be best for me to stay
Boyd: Heart fluttering with the thought of you
Boyd: Had I talked to her post-Bobby tonight I might have come but she was too emotional to talk and so leaving the house and spending the night elsewhere random would have not helped
Boyd: When is the next movie night at Scott and Sarah's?
Joseph: Don't know we can plan it
Boyd: k let me know If it is on a sun/tues/Thurs/Fri/sat I can do it.
Joseph: Usually the weekends
Boyd: yeah so friday or saturday night should work or sunday nights
Joseph: So can be hang tomorrow?
Boyd: hopefully I have to find out plans and see what I can pull off. K?
Joseph: Of course
Boyd: I love you!
Joseph: I love you too..
Boyd: goodnight sweet prince I must bid thee adieu and good night
Joseph: Goodnight my Fiyero. Text me if you need in the night. I will have my phone on
Boyd: k Love you!
Joseph: Love you.
UPDATE: In honor of El Genio's brilliant observation


There are 2 Words of Warning for Dancing Through Life - Part 2