The Start of Something New - Part 5

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

That time at the public pool was the beginning of my freshman year at BYU. During that year I used gyms as a place to meet discreet random guys. It wasn’t pretty, but it is what happened in my life. A series of meaningless days with people whose names I never knew.

However, there was one time that I took things further than the gym. And that is today’s story:

I had seen this guy a couple of times at the gym; we will call him Kris. Now Kris was a swimmer and would swim several lengths of the pool before joining me in the hot tub. We spent a couple of nights talking but we never messed around at all. Whenever we would shower we would see leave our curtains open to stare at one another and let others watch as well.

One night we were talking and I ended up getting myself invited back to his place. He lived just up the road from sugarhouse and so I followed him in my truck. He invited me in and offered me something to drink. I got some Gatorade and we sat on his couch talking. I lied to him when he asked me what I was doing and studying. I told him I was going to the University of Utah studying physics.

We talked for a little while longer and as we did so he turned on Showtunes Saturday Night on the radio. We started listening to some great musicals and then started to make out. Things got hotter and so we moved to his bed. We fooled around a bit before I left.

The following semester I was back at the gym when I saw Kris again. We hit things off well and so, yet again, I ended up at his place. Again I was offered something to drink and took a Gatorade, we turned on the Showtunes and started to make out again. Let me just say, when you are making out with a guy and you have both had different flavors of Gatorade, it tastes amazing!

So we start making out and I confess the truth to him. I actually go to BYU. He sympathizes with me and asks me what I, as a starving BYU student, want to do. I hesitate for a while and want him to decide, but ultimately I say that I want us to have him be my first time going all the way. I want to top him and then have him top me.

He checked to make sure that I want to go through with it and then starts showing me how to get him ready for me. After some prep work I dived right in and toke care of business. During the middle of it all I took a second to listen to the music and heard High School Musical’s “The Start of Something New” playing on the radio. I chuckled to myself at the irony of it all and finished up before the end of the song.

I collapsed in a heap of ruin, too spent to do anything else that night. Kris held me close for a little while and then took a call from his long distance boyfriend who lived in NYC. Later he came back into bed with me and I spent the night with him.

Kris was the first guy I ever had sex with; The first guy I slept the night with; The first guy I went home with. He was someone who opened up my eyes to something new. Kris showed me that I didn’t have to just have sex; that I could feel much more than that. It took me a while to figure it all out, and it may sound weird, but spending that night with Kris is something that has helped me figure out my role as a gay mormon boy.


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