The Start of Something New - Part 4

Posted by BB | Labels: , | Posted On 11 February, 2010 at Thursday, February 11, 2010

I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

After we got home from the cruise I had a short while before I moved down to BYU. During that short period of time I had in SLC I spent one summer’s day back at the old local swimming pool. I had become accustomed to the pool on the cruise and so I visited the old swimming pool; the same one from earlier in the week; the one with the 18+ locker rooms.

Somewhere in my mind I knew the real reason why I was going there, but I thought it was just to go for a swim… by myself. So I go in through the front doors, past the front desk, and straight on into the adult locker room with the same attraction that draws a turtle back to the beach of its birth. I walk in the door, find a locker and start taking off my jeans.

As I do so I start looking around at this locker room. It’s pretty standard, four enclaves of lockers, a row of toilets, tree of life showers with 2 private/handicapped ones, and then to my amazement, a sauna. I hadn’t ever been in a locker room with a sauna before. I took note of the staring eyes as I slipped off my underwear and brought my towel to the tree of life shower.

I showered up and then made a B-line towards the sauna, towel draped over my shoulder in a fashion to still cover my front. I wrapped my towel as I stepped in the door and sat down on the top row. There were 2 cute guys and a few trolls in the sauna. I leaned back, again emboldened by the spirit of Neil Patrick Harris, and spread my legs a little.

After a short time 2 of the trolls left to follow one of the cute guys leaving 3 of us in the sauna. They were both staring at me and I knew it and so did they. The tension was soaking out of our skins with the sweat and toxins. I finally got up from the heat, removed my towel and went back to my locker to get my suit on.

Then I proceeded to the indoor pool where I jumped in off the diving board, and then got out and plopped myself into the hot tub. The troll had followed. The exact series of events that transpired I have repressed, but somehow I let him start fondling me. I sat there for what seemed like arduous torturing hours letting that happen before I pushed away and tried to back away.

I went back into the sauna and the same cute guy was still in there. Alone. So I sat near him and we started chatting. He started hitting on me as well and I liked it. Then during our conversation I mentioned I was going to be going to BYU and planning on a mission soon. I don’t know what he thought about the fact that I was cruising for guys and planning on a mission but he tried to give me good advice.

He told me “You should join quack, even if you would be the team twink.” I had no clue what those words meant. “quack”, “twink” They were foreign concepts to me. This was my first introduction into something more than just male-male sex and it was comforting, even if it wouldn’t be a couple of years until I figured it all out.


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