The Start of Something New - Part 3

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

Warning!: This story is not quite as explicit as the previous ones.

P.S. Click play to listen and get the full effect.

Today’s story took place about two years after the scouting experience. I had just finished up high school and was getting ready for my freshman year at BYU. My family took a cruise to the Baltic as one last hurrah before my siblings started to have children.

Cruises are designed to effectively handle couples and the elderly. They are especially good at building programs to keep the kids out of the way. When I was little I loved the youth activities on a cruise, they were great fun. For a single high school grad, there is a definite lack of benefits to the boat part of a cruise.

That being said, I was left with little structure and lots of free time. I spent it mostly with the older youth group that was filled with 14-18 yr olds. They had late night dance parties, our own little hangout, and a couple of other fun activities and so I tagged along. In that group of ~15 people there were some neat people and overall I had a good time.

In that group of 15 people was a guy we will call Brian. Brian was about my age and I my gaydar was ringing like the bells at BYU whenever he walked in the room. He wasn’t femme at all, somehow I just knew. He and I got to know each other and for some reason the thought hit me to pursue him; to try and get close to him. Maybe it was the other teens talk and stories of hooking up with each other, but I was emboldened by the gentle rock of the waves.

One of the night activities was a movie night and I made sure that I was next to him under the covers. As about 6 of us watched the movie I slowly moved my leg next to his and just left it there with just enough room for static electricity to jump from calve to calve. After the movie ended some people left but we both stayed there under the covers and turned on the music.

We talked absent-mindedly until Coldplay’s “Fix You” came on. Something about this song gave me the courage to make the one of the biggest jumps in my life. I connected our legs and held them there as I stared into Brian’s eyes. Somehow I became Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother and I just went for it. I put my hand on his lap and played around until I asked him if we should continue back in my private room. He agreed.

We went back and fooled around but didn’t have sex. After he helped me release, he went into the bathroom to take care of himself. (Much like Hayden did later, come to think of it). He left my room a short while later and I was left alone with my guilt and satisfaction soiling my sheets together as I slept.

That was the first time I ever picked a target and went after him. More stories to come tomorrow.


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