The Start of Something New - Part 2

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

The first time I ever fooled around with someone took place, like most boys, at a scouting camp-out.

Warning!: This story may be explicit to sensitive minds.

When I moved away from Utah, away from Nicholas and Hidalgo, I moved into a new scout troop. I was unaccustomed to change and so the new troop with its cliques was not for me. It took so long for me to really start making acquaintances with the other scouts. After about 2 years I was still trying to assimilate myself into the troop and I had the opportunity to go to Philmont on a 60+ mile-backpacking trip.

In preparation for this trip we had a series of camp-outs to get us ready. On one of these trips I tried to make friends with the guys my age and integrate with them yet again. This failed and I was put into a tent with two guys who were about a year younger than me. Somehow I had forgotten my usual stuff bag that turned into a pillow and so I was left without one come bedtime.

Somehow something so insignificant as a pillow can lead to astronomical events. To start things off, in the tent there were two others. We will call them Colby and Jack (cheesy, I know). As we began to head off to bed I stole Jack’s pillow. He tried to get it back and wrestling ensued. I had the upper hand in strength and so instead of going for the pillow, Jack pulled at my shirt and took it off me. Well I wasn’t going to have any of that and so I grabbed his shirt. Erstwhile he grabbed the pillow back. We went back and forth with the pillow for a bit before Jack went for my jeans.

He pulled them off and left me there in my boxers. Again, I had to even the score and so I pulled his jeans off. We settled down for a bit (we must have) and Colby drifted off to sleep. I don’t remember who took the other one’s boxers first, but we ended up naked and continuing in an exchange of the back and forth game.

Eventually, Jack decided we had fooled around enough and said we should stop so we did. I rolled over and stared at the tent ceiling wondering what had just happened. Oh, I forgot to mention this, I was the one in the middle of the tent floor. As I lay there I saw Colby stirring and so I asked him if he is still awake. He is and we start to think of things to do to pass the night.

Someone (I think it was me) suggested Truth or Dare. Colby agreed and we just got more and more explicit. We both tried to bottom for the other, but that definitely didn’t work out. Eventually we exhausted ourselves and spent a few rounds of truth, during which I learned that Colby’s brother was well hung but that I wasn’t far off and that Colby had done this sort of thing once before.

The next day dawned and neither one of us said anything to the other.
We never became friends and despite my best efforts, I never again shared a tent with either one of them. But it was a new experience for me; it was the first time I fooled around with someone else; it was the start of something entirely new.


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