A New Year for a renewed life

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

As some of you have commented on, and others have probably noticed, my posts tend to jump around a lot. That is because periods of time in my life were often intense in stress and depression. To date: I came out to myself; 1 month later came out to my dad; 1 month later I came out to my mom; 2 weeks later I tried to kill myself; 1 month later Walter tried to kill himself. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, stress, suspense and pain.

I chose to break it up to spare you from having to read it all as it happened. With the addition of Yesterday’s post there are now three timelines running on my blog. There is the main Boyd timeline. This is chronicling my story from the time I came out to myself to roughly 1 year later. There are the flashbacks to various points in my life. These provide distraction from the maudlin and fill in holes in my back-story. And now you have the current, present day ramblings of my spiritual mind.

I give you this recap now of all times and places because this is a new year for my blog. Given my back ground today is a New Year, the Year of the Tiger. It also represents a day in the Boyd timeline, January 1, 2009.

In honor of the New Year today I am sharing with you my resolutions from last year in this post. They represent my desires and wishes of last year. The original resolution is in black and my current notes are in red.

1. Graduate College - I had 21 credit hours remaining.
2. Take the GRE
3. Apply for Graduate School – I had 1 in mind, but was open to many
4. Read the D&C – herein hangs the laws and covenants of the people of God.
5. Read the New Testament with the complete Joseph Smith Translation – There actually is more of the JST that isn’t published in the footnotes and PGoP. My discovery of that and subsequent interest in this will be revealed in a post later this week.
6. Earn a higher rating in tennis – I had a competition goal in mind
7. Run a 5k with a constant pace – I was always starting and stopping
8. Run a 10k – really just survive one
9. Workout at least 2 times/week – Without going to the gym and the showers it held.
10. Get a job in Seattle or Canada – I had two distinct companies in mind, the one I had interned for previously and another firm in Canada that would be perfect.
11. Help Hidalgo serve a faithful mission
12. Serve my community – I had some distinct ways and forms, but they must remain anonymous
13. Discover an inner peace in the gospel regarding my sexuality – Yesterday’s post illustrates the final culmination of this resolution
14. Go to the Temple often – I needed to feel the inner peace in my daily life
15. Thrive – Thriving is more than mere survival, it is living life and loving it.

 Throughout this blog I will highlight different resolutions I succeeded and others that never happened, but know this. It is a new year and a new life.


There are 2 Words of Warning for A New Year for a renewed life