A New Year for a renewed life - Part 6

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

Yesterday I revealed my questions, here are his responses to my specific questions regarding the mistranslation possibilities in Leviticus.
“The issue of same gender attraction is certainly a major concern today and yes you are correct to say that we have relied on the Law of Moses revelation for direction here. To put that into perspective, we are relying on a law that we also teach has been fulfilled. Perhaps, as in other instances, this is a situation where this part of the law is eternal and not fulfilled. Every scripture quoted and every statement in the modern era goes back to the Leviticus 18:22 passage. Paul uses its language and so do many modern prophets. So to quote Paul is to quote Moses in this matter. So, from my heart, I hope whatever advise you are given is in light of the fact that we haven’t had a new revelation on the matter for say 4,000 years. I’m always a little nervous about this.

“You are correct to state that the context of Leviticus 18 is certainly to avoid the sins of Egypt and Canaan. Moses was trying to get them to leave Egypt spiritually and homosexuality (possibly male prostitution) was something that he taught came from their stay there.

“Unfortunately the interpretation you’ve considered for Leviticus 18 is certainly possible, and some commentators are adamant that you are correct, but it isn’t something that we can prove. What I think is certain is that Moses is reacting to the practices of the Egyptians, which he considers an idolatrous nation, and one of their sins involves males sleeping with males (almost certainly where one paid the other, or where one was retained as a sort of sex slave).

“From Leviticus 18:21, we are certain that Moses is condemning some pagan rituals and forms of idolatry. Their are parts of his speech that seem to warn the Israelites that warn against falling into their forms of worship (a type of idolatry). But for other parts of the chapter, we aren’t so certain because we don’t know that sleeping with one’s cattle was part of any religious practice. So here’s were commentators diverge, and unfortunately it’s not really a matter of Hebrew, but one’s impressions. Here’s the dilemma, if one or two of the items in the list are from a pagan religious context, then are all of the items to be considered in the same context; or if some of the items derive from non-pagan religious practice, then do we consider each item separately? Scholars are divided on this issue, and LDS scholars really don’t have anything to say beyond the text. As someone who studies the biblical text, I can say that it appears that both Paul and Moses are reacting to extreme pagan practice and want to make sure that the followers of the Lord in their dispensation do not do as the idolatrous pagans do.”

“I wish that I could give you some clear statement by the modern brethren. What I am hearing in the last few years is love as they seek to understand.”

“I can only hope that you will find someone who will share with you what is really happening on this issue and how the brethren would answer your questions. For me, to hear a recent Prophet’s thoughts on the matter would be more profound than a 4,000 contextualized text dealing with male prostitutes could ever be.”


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