A New Year for a renewed life - Part 4

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

I got a text message from Lorrie a couple of days after Christmas. Lorrie was one of the few girls I have ever dated and she was the last one as well. I will talk more about her and the other few women in a flashback series later. Anyway, Lorrie’s text was asking me if I wanted to go and do baptisms with her and 2 of her friends. She didn’t feel like being their 3rd wheel and I was available so I joined with them.

I drove over to Lorrie’s for some breakfast and then we carpooled down to the Salt Lake Temple. Apparently everyone else had decided to pick this date and time to do baptisms as well. The place was packed fuller than a slaughterhouse. We got our clothes, changed and then proceeded to the small chapel to wait with 8 other full pews of people.

This provided us some time to contemplate things and to talk gospel amongst each other. As it was December and Prop 8 had passed less than 2 months ago Max, the other guy there, brought it up. We had been discussing inconsistencies in scripture and so I brought up a couple of the interpretations of Leviticus that I had been praying for answers on. Needless to say, anyone who can recite arguments for homosexuality in Leviticus by heart inside the temple just shot off a few giant gay flares.

The conversation stopped, as it became our turn for confirmations. Max confirmed the three of us and then the temple workers confirmed Max. 10 more souls helped. The women split form us as we entered the font room… that is to say as we stood outside the room stuck in a line of guys that reached about 6 people outside the door.

Max and I continued talking about all sorts of things, his mission; his hopes at marrying his girlfriend that was with us; his thoughts on the gospel. I was listening and discussing all the while praying for more guidance on these scriptures and to know where and what the Lord wanted me to be. As we got to about the halfway point one of the temple workers asked Max if he could take over baptizing the next batch of 20 some-odd people.

Max reluctantly claimed that he was a weak man and didn’t have the strength to baptize more than the three of us. I jokingly told him that I had the strength but not the power. It took him a second to understand that I wasn’t endowed and his response was a glib “Well what’s stopping you?”

I decided to respond diplomatically and say that I currently had issue with the Church over some policy and so until that was resolved, there was no way I could honorably ask people to join the Church. A light sparked behind his eyes and he told me he could guess why. “Oh really?” I asked “Why?”

“Proposition 8” Max said.

“Yep” I said. “I strongly disagree with what the Church did on a personal level. I felt attacked and it will take me a while to regain faith in the Church again. It’s not easy to listen to the words said against me… as a gay man in the church.”

Max stood there for a second and then told me that for whatever reason we had a bond of trust between us. We had met that day and I could tell him my deepest secret; that meant we must have been friends in the pre-earth life. He told me that he still cared about me and even though he didn’t know me he loved me because God loved me.

With that he turned around and stepped up into the font to baptize his girlfriend and I was hit with a revelation from the Spirit. It was only a name that flashed with brilliance in my mind. Brother Black. And with that I took another step towards an answer and entered the font.


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