Skanday Keynes

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Skandar Keynes sporting a hot winter coat and looking mighty fine!Skandar Keynes at the premiere of the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian, adorable

Skandar Keynes looking hot as can be. I know this gay mormon boy would love to melt into those eyesSkandar Keynes as King Edmund in Prince Caspian, He has the wit to staisfy this gay mormon boy, that is for sure!When I first saw Skandar Keynes I immediately thought of my friend who was in choir with me. They look so similar. While I was still in high school and oblivious to my sexuality I found myself drawn toward Skandar's doppelganger. I sought to be his friend and became so only through loose association. Sadly both Skandar and his doppelganger are (mostly) both straight, but hey a Boyd can hope and dream. Also, Skandar is from England (I am sensing a theme lol!) and so his accent is wonderful. He played the role of Edmund in The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe which is my favorite Pevensie child. That is the dynamic character of the series. Edmund, upon realizing his sins, sought and received forgiveness from Aslan and his sins were hardly ever mentioned again. He became King Edmund the Just because of his adherence to justice. In Prince Caspian Edmund was faced with his sins again and destroyed them again. Edmund was my hero and so Skandar and his doppelganger are this week's Saturday delight.


There are 2 Words of Warning for Skanday Keynes