Deja Vu - Part 4

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

When I entered the Garage I knew it was all over. We saw Walter’s our family car (in storage) and Walter’s car that had been missing from the new home. There was another empty bottle of booze on the hood of the car. Our eyes searched but we didn’t see Walter. We kept looking and that was when one of us found the side door. It had been kicked open and the door jam was shattered.

It was then that Sally from the phone company told me that while she couldn’t activate the GPS (I wasn’t the owner of the phone) that she had called the local police and they had Walter at the hospital. We loaded up the cars, called Walter’s Brother and drove to the hospital.

After waiting in the ER for a couple of hours I heard more of the story. After downing the bottles of alcohol, Walter had started both cars in the garage and sat in his own. Shortly thereafter he passed out. At some point during the carbon monoxide poisoning Walter woke up and found his car turned off and his body writhing in pain.

He reached for the phone and called 911. Somehow they extracted his address and figured out what was going on. They broke down the side door and cleared the garage of the poisonous fumes. They pulled him out of the car and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

A couple hours later I was able to see him. When I did face him I was angry. “How could you even think of doing that to us?” I mentally threw at him. “How could you just abandon us and leave my mother a message telling you what you were going to do?” My anger was so hot that I didn’t see the reflection and the déjà vu of the situation.

Walter was transferred to a different hospital and put into a chamber designed to increase his levels of oxygen so he wouldn’t get the Benz. He recovered and lived, and was then sent over to a psych ward for observation, therapy and medication. It was a rough week for my mom and I and it gave me time to reflect on the entire situation.

And so that was how I spent my Christmas break, pissed at the world, mostly alone with my thoughts. Tomorrow I will deconstruct them for you.


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