Deja Vu - Part 3: Walter's Background

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

The following is truth to the best of my knowledge, but I, Boyd, did not live through it, I have only heard it told to me:

When Walter was growing up in the Southern United States, his working class family seemed to do okay from his perspective. They weren’t well off, but they did as best they could. Then one day all that changed for Walter.

One day Walter came home to find his father’s body in the bathroom. For reasons I don’t know he had taken his own life. This shattered Walter’s world. Leading psychologists state that having a family member commit suicide vastly increases your chances to end your own life.

Their father’s death hit the family hard and Walter, being the oldest, became the de facto father figure. So not only was he dealing with his own personal suffering, but he felt the added responsibilities of being the man in the family. Despite these struggles Walter stayed in the Church and after holding on through high school, he left his younger brothers and mother to serve his mission.

While in the field he received some further devastating news. One of his younger brothers had taken his life as well. This again altered Walter’s life and greatly increased his chances for taking his own life. He almost came home from his mission, but stayed out in the field and finished up his last few months. After returning home, his brothers and he made a pact to keep an eye on each other.

They knew that they were at very high risk for suicide and so they took precautions with each other. Walter had a good friend, former stake patriarch I believe, who became his father figure. I had heard the name mentioned a couple of times and so when I talked to him on the phone I knew that it had to do with Walter.

And tomorrow we go back to the garage and the devastation I found there.


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