Deja Vu - Part 2

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:


Usually when my mom yells my name there is trouble; sometimes it is just a call for my attention; sometimes she is calling for me to bring something to her; and sometimes it is to wake me up. This yell was neither of those and yet it was all at the same time.

As soon as I heard my name the adrenaline was pumping through my blood. I was bolt awake and running out of bed. My mom was in trouble and she needed me. This scream was far beyond the wails I heard during my parents divorce. I knew that something was wrong and within seconds I had jumped down the stairs and rushed to my mom.

She was sitting on the floor in agony, something was wrong. I spotted the phone she was holding out for me. She was pleading me for help. I heard a voice on the other end, “Hello?” I asked “Hello can you hear me?” Nothing. It was a voicemail. I didn’t recognize the voice but he started to leave a number.

I saw my mom’s eyes pleading with me, trying to communicate through the panic attack and tears. I replayed the message and took down the number. Fearing the truth I asked, “What’s going on mom? What is happening? What do you need from me?” She struggled out a name and I knew who left the message.

I called the number I had written down. The man’s voice answered and I told him who I was and that my mom was here on the ground in shock. “What’s going on?” I timidly put forth. “It’s Walter.” he said, “We can’t get a hold of him and he left us some worrisome messages last night. Is he there?”

Immediately I jump back into overdrive. Walter is my step-dad, and he has had some serious depression lately for a long time. I run outside, his car is gone. I grab my cell and call him, no answer. I go to my mom and get her breathing a little bit better. “Mom, Listen to me. What did Walter say to you? Any idea where he is?” It takes me a minute but I get her calmed down enough to tell me that he has left several messages on her phone; one of them mentioned our old house that was still on the market.

I tell the man on the phone where we think Walter is and that we are going to head on over there and we will meet him there. I get my mom up out of the floor and get her to the car. She decides to get in and drive to calm her nerves; it works and lets me call the phone company to tell them to activate the GPS on his phone.

We get to the old house and find empty bottles of greygoose vodka. The rooms are all empty. We head out into the garage and that is where we see the devastation.


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