Coming Out: Friends & Family Edition – My Friend Ethel

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

Shortly after I called my family and told them and I met with the psychiatrist, I was able to leave the hospital. All this happened from Thursday night to Sunday Morning and so my work had little clue what was going on when I returned on Monday. After an uneventful day at work I got home and was on Facebook talking to Mohinder’s girlfriend Ethel. We were good friends and I had even stayed with her and her family at the beginning of the internship -- her family lives a few hours outside of Seattle.

We hadn’t really talked for about 2-3 months when she sent me a Facebook message. So I responded and gave her an update on life and then said that I had been in the hospital and I began with this statement. (PS, Thanks Facebook, for being a journal of sorts for me).

“So, A LOT of crap has hit me in the face lately and I have been dealing with it pretty regularly. Most recently I have been experiencing a Crisis of Faith (That's what I am calling it) A crisis that has had me pulled between atheism agnosticism, and the Church. Right now I am in the middle of working things out in my mind. In the midst of this, I realized that rather than deal with my struggle (which leaves me hurt and unhappy at every turn) I could at least graduate early from this life.”
(Some grammar and spelling corrected)

I then told Ethel the whole story but didn’t come out to her yet. She immediately called me and we had a 3+ hour-long conversation. She was concerned about me and with both of her parents as psychologists, she knew enough to know that I was hurting and possibly in danger. So a day or so later I get a call from her again asking if I have a place to go for Thanksgiving. I didn’t. So I was invited to her parent’s house for Thanksgiving weekend, without her.

That story is a long tale that I may tell for next week (still debating, we will see). I did eventually come out to Ethel over Christmas break last year and she took it decently. She didn’t act like my sister had, but she didn’t embrace me like my heart longed for. She and I are still good friends and we write each other infrequently while she is on her mission here in the states.

We will see what happens when Ethel, Mohinder and I sit down and talk about my life. For now though, those two are some of my best friends and I am so grateful for coming out to Ethel rather than staying hidden in the gay mormon boy closet.


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