Chad Faust

Posted by BB | Labels: | Posted On 16 January, 2010 at Saturday, January 16, 2010

here is Chad Faust looking like the Stallion on his shirt. Any gay mormon boy would be lucky to land a catch like Chadlook at that smirk and tell me a gay mormon boy wouldn't just melt. Cute, and well dressed. Sign me up!
Have you ever wanted to throw your cares to the wind and just go for the beautiful hunk of flesh with the total lack of personality? Well today's delight is someone like that, except he - like the bowflex he must use - is the total package. I first noticed Chad Faust in the USA Series "The 4400" where he was a cute 20-something with great hair. Then I forgot him as my interest in the show drifted. This was before I came out so I didn't write his name down or anything.
I admit, not the best shot of him exposed, but he definitely his adorable in this photo from the movie DescentI don't know about others in the Whoniverse, but I could see Chad Faust as the Tenth Doctor instead of Matt Smith. GMB, your opinion?
Well just the other night I watched the movie "Saved!"in which Chad plays a character who comes out to his girlfriend. His girl then thinks that Jesus needs her to sacrifice her virginity to "save" him. Well, she gets pregnant, he gets sent off to an ex-gay treatment facility and the rest of the movie is about how the girl deals with everything. Regardless, he is a good solid actor and a total hunk. I hope you enjoy cause I know I did.


There are 3 Words of Warning for Chad Faust