My Four Friends - Nicholas

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

So I realized a few things last week. First that Christmas is on Friday; second that 2 suspenseful posts in a row may not be the best thing; third, that I had mentioned my best friends a few posts back and even added them to the growing cast of characters with no introduction.

So instead of the next series being in correct chronological order, leaving my readers in high suspense for Christmas, I am going to tell you about my best friends who come into play later on in my journey. That's this weeks 4 post series next week will be another surprise and on the 4th I will resume where I left off.

I met Nicholas and his family after we moved to SLC; around the time I entered kindergarten. His family lived 2 doors down from me and he was in the ward with me. I played with him and 2 of his brothers until they moved. About 4 years later they moved back into their home and he 4 of us hit it off pretty well. Their dad was the scoutmaster so we were always around each other.

A Death Star made from Legos, this took some effort, but our star wars Lego fights were epic!
I was always helping them with their Saturday chores, playing with legos, building blanket forts, helping with the paper route, and even building a fort/clubhouse in their backyard that is a storage shed now.

The adventures we had are countless and could fill volumes in and of themselves. Well, around 8th grade I moved and years later moved back for my senior year of high school. While there, Nicholas and I were still good friends. We had picked up right where we left off.

After high school we both went off to BYU for a semester and he left on his mission to Eastern Europe. I idolized Nicholas and wanted to be just like him. His testimony, his confidence, his crazy acrobatic skill. So when he left on. His mission I looked to him as my guiding star.

After he left BYU for Europe I wrote him to tell him how I was doing. It was while writing a letter to him telling how much I wanted to be like him that I realized I was a hypocrite. I had spent my freshman year at BYU obliterating the honor code and I was excepting to just pickup and go on my mission.

After I realized this I told my bishop everything. I was removed from BYU and you know the rest. Well Nicholas is back from his mission and when we hung out we again picked up right where we left off and it was great. I still haven't come out to him, but that will happen soon I know.

Nicholas was my first true friend and someone whom I might name my children after. He is like family to me and I would die for him if need be.


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