My Four Friends – Hidalgo

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

When Nicholas and his family moved away, I sought for a replacement friend. After all, they had been my only male friends. I found one for a little while, but that quickly faded. My mother, interested in helping me find good male friends, kept telling me that I should hang out with Hidalgo, a boy from my grade that lived down the road. I went over there to play once but it wasn’t the same as Nicholas and his brothers so I put him out of my mind for a while.

Yugioh was a Gay Boy's dream waiting to happen BTW
2 years went by and I was in 7th grade and who should be in 4 of my classes? Hidalgo. Up until this point we were never in the same class and so our lives touched tangentially. 7th grade changed all that. I was over at his house all the time. We had lightsaber fights; computer game nights; and even a season obsessed by YuGiOh. We were pretty inseparable. Like with Nicholas’ family, I helped out with the chores, helped tend his younger siblings, and always helped carry in the groceries.

I can’t count the times we shared meals at each other’s houses, how often we got each other in trouble, or how much we grew. It was amazing. As I write this I marvel at how short a time it really was. We were great friends for a little more than a year before I moved away. Hidalgo and I formed a great bond that continued whenever I visited my old home. His family loved me and for a while I was calling his mother “mom”.

When I was looking for a place to live when I moved back home, they were willing to house me as their own child. Sadly that didn’t work out, but Hidalgo and his family were that wonderful to me. When I moved back, he and I had drifted slightly, but we still hung out all the time. When I went off to BYU, we drifted further; when he went on his mission to South America our contact nearly disappeared.

And then, he came home. I knew what day he was flying in and so I called his house to set something up with him. This was about a year after I had come out and I knew I needed to tell him. When I called his house, his little brother handed him the phone as he was walking through the front door. That is how linked we are!

We ended up meeting for a short little while that was too short before he left for college. I didn’t have the chance to come out to him, but one week from today I will be having lunch with him and I plan on telling him everything. Hopefully it will go as well as our friendship.


There are 0 Words of Warning for My Four Friends – Hidalgo