Freshman Year Part 3 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

So like I said yesterday, I took a break from BYU for spring semester. I thought I was going to have a national tennis tournament but because of a lot of issues that came together, I didn’t qualify. I was devastated and so I quickly signed up for summer courses and fought tooth and nail for housing. I actually got some decent classes with great professors. Thanks!

I wish that my job was as cool as Chuck Bartowski's at the Nerd Herd, but the first real job for this Gay Mormon Boy ended up being retail customer service. Lame!
I had an easy schedule and actually got a job in town as well. The job took away some time for cruising which I thought was a good thing, but the side effects were that my sessions were more intense. Not a good thing. In the rush of moving in, getting my job and signing up for classes I forgot to check one thing. My ward.

I was in the same ward, with the same bishop. This bishop adored me and, as I later found out, had to fight with his counselors to sit in on my Gospel Doctrine lessons. All this while I was still cruising. Again, talk about schizophrenia! In BYU Summer wards, they have to fill callings quickly and so the first few days back, I met with the Bishop. We talked and he asked me what calling I wanted. I could pick anything. Because I knew what I had been doing, I told him, Anything but Elder’s Quorum President. He told me fair enough and that was the interview.

So next week in church I get my calling. No, it wasn’t EQP, but 1st counselor in the Elder’s Quorum Presidency instead. It was my duty to help this 17 year-old recent graduate and brand new elder lead a quorum of, lets face it, High School kids. Thanks Bishop. I was glad to do it, it just added another block of things to my schedule.

Things only got worse from there. The next week of Church the Bishop set us all down in the cultural hall. He decided to give us “the talk.” Now this wasn’t something he had done the previous semester. He sat u down and told us, explicitly, the dangers of even approaching the line.

I wonder if my BYU Bishop's understanding of homosexuality often resulted to the knowledge of these kids?He gave us a case study of one of the ward members form the previous semester (I don’t know who). This kid had his dad (also his bishop) call the BYU Bishop to confess for him. Apparently, this kid had started just hanging out with this girl and after parking and being alone too much, it lead to a blowjob. This poor kids’ dad told him he might be excommunicated for it ad that a mission was completely out of the question, as well as BYU.

This was the most awkward “talk” I have ever had, including coming out to people. And yet, the talk was oddly successful. It drove home the importance of staying as far away from sin as possible. Granted, by then I was a cruising addict and so it took a while for the perfect storm that broke me open.


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