Who am I? Why am I here?

Posted by BB | Labels: | Posted On 19 November, 2009 at Thursday, November 19, 2009

On my dresser is the journal I got just after baptism. It still has a Polaroid of my Dad and I (age 8) under a picture of Christ's Baptism and a personal inscription by my old Bishop in the front cover. It has the start of a family tree written by my sister and if you look carefully you can see that the first set of about 10 pages have been torn out. I have only written in it sporadically and when I turned 15 and had only completed about 10 pages I felt ashamed that if my posterity saw how infrequently I had written that I would be mocked at. So instead of writing more, I destroyed a part of my life's history.
Since then I have written about 50 pages and still feel dissatisfied. I have blogged before, but have deleted the posts later on for the shame that I felt in the views that they told about who, and what, I was. So now I have started this blog. My journal that will start a little over a year ago and chronicle my personal journey as a Gay Mormon coming out of the closet. Every detail I tell will be truthful and will represent the journey that I have been on. For now I will stay anonymous but that may change. You can call me Beloved Boyd - BB for short - and this blog is the Journey of a Gay Mormon Boy


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