A Month of Firsts Part 3 – The First Night

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

In order to keep hanging out with Hayden, I kept going to the club. Every Friday night we would go and I would try to dance with him exclusively and I would be pushed away to dance near him rather than with him. One night after being pushed away one-too-many times I decided that I should dance with someone else. I looked around and saw one guy glancing at me so I walked up to him and said, “My name is Boyd. Want to dance?” He agreed and introduced himself as Darryl. We danced that night and it amazed him in that I would ask to dance instead of just grinding up on him. And Boy did I dance with Darryl. We had a fun time, kissed briefly on the dance floor and exchanged numbers.

Latter Days Gay Boys Christian and Aaron after their first night, looking rather intimate as they swap stories of their childhood.A few days later we got together for a date and went to a nice restaurant and walked down by the waterfront holding hands as we stared into the water. We kissed good night and it was good. Not perfect because it wasn’t Hayden, but it was good regardless. We spent a couple more dates just hanging out and watching movies and I suggested we watch Latter Days so that he, a non-Mormon, could understand me a bit better. After watching that show, especially the aversion therapy section, Darryl asked me if I ever that really happens. I told him yes and that I had been thinking about doing it. He held me tightly and we embraced.

Mama Mia! girls reading the Mother's diary filled with hersexual explorations one summer ...
We finished the rest of the movie and I stayed the night with him. That was the first night. The very first night I slept over with someone I was dating. I had spent time recovering from my promiscuous ways and there, under the covers, I gave it all up. Not because I felt the raw need of lust that had once consumed me, but because I had someone who cared about me. Darryl cared about my pain, my struggle and my emotions and I shared in that caring for him. That night I became vulnerable and wasn’t betrayed but was accepted. That night was my first night. The night that Darryl and I …

End of Part 3


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