Coming Out Part 4 - Hayden

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

While is the journey of me, Beloved Boyd, it would be incomplete without Hayden and so here is his back-story the best I know.

Hayden had been raised in Utah County. His family was highly devout Mormons, his father was in the upper echelons of local church leadership, his brother had served a mission and gone to BYU.

Hayden had chosen to go to somewhere else instead and hadn't served a mission. At school he had begun to come out to his friends and started dating, leaving most of his Mormonism behind him. After about a year, Hayden had found some great friends, he was accepted and was strong and proud. One night at the club he met Neil and they hit it off. Hayden and Neil started dating and were together for about 6 months before the internship at which time Neil broke things off with Hayden.

What I can only Imagine Hayden Felt like after his gay boyfriend broke up with him.
Hayden didn't take things so well. This was mostly because he thought that Neil was "the one." So Hayden had left for the internship hoping to come back to Neil and live with him, but he quickly discovered the Neil didn’t want that and so Hayden was down and depressed. As a recently broken-hearted man, he looked for his ex every guy he met and held those guys up to the impossible expectations that were Hayden’s fantasies of Neil.

End of Part 4


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