Coming Out Part 2 - A Home Run

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I, Beloved Boyd, am a Gay Mormon Boy and everything I say here is the truth to the best of my knowledge:

Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers. This is the guy we heckled from the Stadium
Hayden just stood there and I swear I could hear my heart beat in my eardrums. I seemed to be drawn towards him and felt physically being pulled in his direction. I spent the next 15 minutes with my latent gaydar going off the charts. I was hanging on every word he said in those 10 minutes before everyone began to go bar crawling.

I had already opted to stay behind because I didn’t want to get pulled into the club and bar scene my first night in Seattle and first few days away from home. So that night I stayed behind and asked other people timidly about Hayden’s sexuality and tried to elicit any and all information about him. People had guesses and thought he might be gay, and were okay with it (that blew my mind) but no one knew if he was or not.

I spent that evening getting to know the non-bar crawl crew and surprisingly, I began to feel right at home within the social construct that was forming. About a week went by and still closeted me kept getting into situations with Hayden.

We had a chance to get tickets to see a baseball game against the Dodgers. I spent most of the night wondering if this boy was gay or straight because he was so into sports. That night was my first Baseball game since I was about 9, we heckled Manny Ramirez, I got my first stadium hot dog, and I had my first taste of alcohol when someone passed around a margarita and I tried a miniscule sip, I was unimpressed.

I was determined to talk with Hayden more and so made sure that we got on the bus together. A few people started talking and making plans for the next week and I heard Hayden speaking with one of the girls about a club that he might go to next weekend. Knowing that he was alluding to a gay club gave me an erratic heartbeat again. Shortly before our stop, I got the nerve to ask,
"Hey we should all go to the club next weekend, I love dancing"
"Um, I don't think it is your type of club,” said Hayden
I knew right then that I wanted to go with him. The electricity tingled my body and made me want to scream on the bus but I waited until we got back to the apartments. That is when I made my move.

End of Part 2


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